We have been in the market for a new home ... and are anticipating a move this summer. I work with computers and websites and this site is very impressive. My hats off to the IT Team that designed this site. If as much care and information is put into your work as you do with your website, all I've got to say is you must have one helluva' business. I've seen twenty five to thirty real estate websites thus far but none compare to this in any way, shape or form. I don't know if this will reach the people you work for but I hope it does. It's blown the twenty five to thirty websites I visited right out of the water. Not to sound to crude but it's finally nice to go to a website where they really care. Thanks, John G. Bartlett

Naval Officers get perfect home

We had initially been referred to Steve by one of our fellow Naval Academy graduates, but we were not quite ready to proceed with our home purchase. When we did finally begin, we thought that we would save some money by using a discount agent from one of those big discount brokerages. That was a  BIG mistake and the bad experience caused us to get back in touch with Steve and the Luethje Group again. We looked at a number of homes and Steve was extremely good at positioning us to actually get into contract! We were thrilled with our home and the Luethje Group arranged to have a number things that needed to be fixed to satisfy our Veterans' Administration loan done. What a difference they made in making everything stress free! We will definitely use them again and recommend to our friends.

- Mary Witkowski

Can't ask for a better agent

Steve is a consumate professional. He was patient and persevered as we searched for a home in the competitive SF Bay Area market. He was available nearly any time of the day, weekends and even evenings to answer our questions and address any concerns. His advice was invaluable and he steered us  away from homes that he thought were not great values (and he was right each time). His background as an architect gives him a deep understanding of homes that we found set him far and above other agents we have worked with. You could not ask for a better agent to represent you and your family.

- Suryakiran Cheruvu

Happy owners

I love to work with Mr. Luethje, his dedication and his patience permit that the people can to find the perfect home. He is amazing, thanks for everything you do for us. Now we are a happy owners of a beautiful house that we feel is our home.

- Yamil

Exceptional offer on my condo

Steve helped me list and sell my condo. The Luethje group was instrumental in obtaining an exceptional offer on my condo. Experience working with Steve and the Luethje group was excellent and all of them were very professional, responsive and at the top of their game from beginning to end.

- Calvin Beckum

Luethje Team is extremely competent

We first met Steve from the Luethje Group at an open house for one of the homes that that were selling in the Cupertino school district. We were looking for our first home and immediately found the team to be extremely competent. After a complete interview about all of our wants and needs the team  found quite a few homes for us to look at and we found a number of good options. We got into contract in a great area and they guided us through an extended escrow while the seller was finding a new house. We feel very fortunate to have gotten a great house that we will enjoy for many years! Thanks Steve and team!

- Karthik Dwarakanath

Attention to finer details

We're glad we trusted Steve with our first home purchase.
Two things that stood out with working with Steve was:

1. His very methodical approach to the whole process Right from the beginning in getting our requirements, breaking down the process to us in simple terms to not overwhelm us  with information, keeping us informed on what is coming up next, to following up with everyone involved.

2. Attention to finer details throughout the home buying experience Right from inspecting the homes before we got there to give us a sense of what we're getting into with that property and neighborhood, to getting us to write a personal letter to go with the offer, to working around our timelines / travel schedules to close on the home, to personally handing over the keys to us after close.

Thanks to Steve, our first home purchase was quick, and turned out to be a memorable one.

- Sudhan Sadanand

Enjoyable and Painless Process

Thank you Luethje Team for making the entire home buying process so enjoyable and painless! We had heard horror stories from our friends using other agents, but it was an absolute joy with the Steve and the Luethje Team. I was amazed by how professional the Luethje Team was during my home buying  process from the moment we met to well after we closed escrow. They were always early to every meeting or showing we had scheduled, and they really made me feel like a priority. During our showings they went above and beyond to educate me on the neighborhood and explain all the details of each home we saw. It was clear that they weren’t just trying to quickly sell me a home, like so many other agents, but they were really taking the time to understand my needs and help me make the best possible decision.

Once we found the right home, they helped walk us through the offer process and we were confident in our offer and excited about the opportunity to become home owners. Once our offer was accepted the Luethje Team stepped up their customer service even more!

They had a pre-picked lender who offered me the best loan deal out in the market and the co-ordination between them was amazing and it saved a lot of time for me. I would say I did not take even an hour off from office for my home buying process. They gave us constant updates about the status and where we were in the escrow process. They also were able to meet a contractor at the property and help us with ideas for the remodel we had planned once the house was ours. The high level of customer service they offered made the process of buying a home an amazing experience.
We can’t imagine having accomplished what I wanted without the help of the Luethje Team. The relationships I’ve made with the members of the Luethje Team will last a lifetime.

I will recommend them to everyone I know, and they will be the first call I make anytime I have any questions about real estate or once I’m ready to make my next move!

- Jeba Paulaiyan


I first met Steve when he was selling another home not far from ours and we were impressed with how he handled the sale, but I was not sure if I wanted to sell. I discussed it with Steve, but decided the time was not right. Steve kept in touch for more than a year, so it was an easy choice to give  him a call when we were ready. He arranged staging, painting and sold our home for $50K over the asking price in 9 days while we were on vacation out of the country! We were thrilled and highly recommend his team. 

- Sufian Kazmi


On August 24th we signed the realty contract with Steven Luethje to sell our home of 25 years in San Jose, CA. We chose Steven over other realtor agents as Steven provided multi-level marketing, "talking house" marketing, Facebook, and had numerous financial models and opportunities for  buyers. Due to the summer realty season ending, we needed to get the house on the market fast. Steven provided referrals for painting our house both inside and out of which we hired. We ordered PODS for our house and emptied the house in short order to allow for painting. Steven provided a stagger to stage our house. The stagger suggested an inside color that provided an inviting warm feeling to our home. Labor Day evening our house officially went on the market! The For Sale sign also is very inviting indicating an Open House Every Day! We had a number of realtors through our house prior to the first open house the very next weekend. Saturday, our first true Open House, we SOLD the house!!!! In less than a week from listing our house on the market Steven had it SOLD!!! It doesn't get much better than that!!! Steven stood by us throughout the escrow process with his call 10/20 to say the house is officially SOLD. Our proceeds were in our bank account that day!!! Steven has your back and is genuinely interested in providing you the very best services. Steven is honest, cares, and a real pleasure to work with throughout the entire sale process. We highly recommend Steve Luethje

- Elaine Petitclerc


The Luethje Group helped us to buy a new home and sell our existing home. After getting us into contract for our new home we needed to very quickly get our existing home on the market and SOLD or we would not be able to close on our new home. The team got our home on the market and into contract in 9 days! The amazing thing is that we got our home sold for WAY over other sales in the neighborhood. The close happened ahead of schedule which allowed us to buy our new home! We should also note that it is very unusual to be able to get a purchase offer accepted that is contingent on the sale of a current home in our market. The Luethje Group pulled it off and made our dream of a new home come true.

- Niraj Mahajani and Deepali Rishipthak


Steve helped me list and sell my house and was instrumental in getting it listed and marketed well to finally fetch an exceptional offer on the house. Experience working with Steve was excellent and he has been very professional, responsive and top of his game, right from beginning to end of the process and beyond. I have gladly recommended Steve to quite a few of my friends. To anyone considering Steve as their realtor, my suggestion would be to just go for it and give him an opportunity... He doesn't consider disappointing his clients as an option.

- Harsh Satyapanthi

There is nothing we can say about Steve that has not been said yet.

If you are looking for a home and the perfect agent, Steve is the one. Now we wake up smiling and dancing in our beautiful home that Steve helped us get. Thanks very mush Steve, you made our dreams come through.

- -Jimmy Kay

There is nothing we can say about Steve that has not been said yet.

If you are looking for a home and the perfect agent, Steve is the one. Now we wake up smiling and dancing in our beautiful home that Steve helped us get. Thanks very mush Steve, you made our dreams come through.

- -Sahr Rocel